Am i ready to start dating again

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Don't feel you have to get physically or emotionally intimate too quickly. You may be longing to become close with someone again but bear in mind that sex creates a powerful bond and if it happens too quickly in a relationship it can easily "blind" you to any fundamental problems between you.

There is a good reason why God designed sex for within the commitment and covenant of marriage.

Now that you're ready, you've taken the plunge and have set-up or said "yes" to the first date – here are some things to bare in mind as you rejoin the world of dating:1.

Avoid sharing your emotional baggage on the first date It's fine to mention that you have been married or have recently come out of a serious relationship but you might want to spare your date all the details.

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One night, Zane texts you to come over and watch a movie. Just accept the fact he’s not going to text you and try to forget about him. 6-9 Points: Give it a little more time and make sure you’re comfortable with who you are and being single before you get out there again. You go to his page and see he’s dating some girl and looks like he’s happy at school. You can’t move on to the next page in your life if you keep rereading the last chapter. There will be plenty of time later on to share your history if and when a few dates turn into something more serious.Avoid the temptation to bad mouth your ex – it may make you sound bitter and resentful and your date may worry that if they were to have a relationship with you that you will end up talking about them in the same manner.

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