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video of the pair singing "Brown Eyed Girl" with the lucky bride-to-be and a sex doll, but we're pretty taken with their performance of Joe Cocker's "A Little Help With My Friends." And damn if we don't love watching drunk celebrities sing songs together. Does it put to ease my growing concerns over what Jason Segel and company would do with Kermie and the gang?For the most part, yes, though I still have some reservations. Jason said that he was able to become a puppeteer with some of the Muppets. Today, we did it and it was funny because Jason and I both accomplished what we needed to with our Muppet, and then we forgot to act. There is still that childlike charm to the characters. In between takes are you talking to the Muppets while they are in character? It was like I was a kid again and I believe everything he was saying. Of course, I think the kids are going to love the Muppets. Jason talked about your wide eyed innocence and how you turn that on in your eyes. Adams: I come from musical theater and a lot of musical theater is about accepting fantasy.

Amy Adams: There have been more comfortable situations, but everybody is really nice. Jason sent me a DVD where he and Kermit were inviting me to be part of The Muppets. Once Kermit asks you to do something it is really hard to look at him and say, “No.” So I was hooked. You’ve done a lot of movies, but have you noticed that you have more friends that want to visit you while you are on this set?

Piggy, did she get starstruck when she met the Muppets for the first time, has she “borrowed” anything from the set, the cameos, and a lot more. It’s exciting because a lot of people grew up loving The Muppets and it’s nice for them to get to see it. You become very self aware and you can see yourself. I’ve been luckily enough to work with a lot of people who are great at improv. I don’t know if it’s the way it is written, or if my character is more submissive, or if it’s just my fear of keeping up with the improv artists.

Hit the jump to either read or listen to the interview. Jason talked about the challenges of working with The Muppets and the puppeteers with the strings. It’s helpful for continuity, but it does take a second to get used to.

Has it been an adjustment for you as an actor working with The Muppets? It’s amazing when you are doing a scene and you just so accept them as the other actor.

Do act with them as Muppets or with the puppeteers? I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with The Muppets. It’s actually great because a lot of the times when you are doing films that involve special effects you are acting with nothing.

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