Being white and dating a black man reset back factory bios after updating

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So, on a subconscious level, Black men are groomed to be more appreciative towards White women then they would a Black woman.Therefore by default, treating a White woman a hell of a lot better than they would a Black woman. The one about teaching someone how to treat you and making those guidelines defined.Having a Black woman on your arm equals nappy headed babies, and a sassy mouth barking at you.Which is why in my opinion, some, not all Black men, opt for dating White women specifically. Break out the champagne and forego the malt liquor.We’re very quick to tell each other to get over something that still has widespread ramifications that unjustly hinder pockets of society. I’ve dated the rainbow and encourage everyone to love who loves them for who they are.And, yes, White men are in pockets of society that face unjust ramifications that are in no way their fault nor deserved. My long-winded answer is to provide context as to why some Black women, like women on the maternal side of my family, have very negative views on seeing a Black man with a White woman.This has infiltrated the psyche of previous generations and arguably some present generations within the U. As with any systemic, racial and sexual trauma comes unintended (read intended) societal consequences that effect everyone: Obviously these ideas are not as widely applicable from the Baby-boomer generation onwards, right?

While Black men may have fallen victim to some social manipulations, we have our issues as well sistas.

Having said all of that, here is where the problem comes in and where the sistas disappoint me.

When a man first meets you, he has no idea on what to expect from you.

If you refuse or are too afraid to be vocal and to back up the vocals with action, then you are to blame. Did I just say that a woman being mistreated by a man is not the man’s fault? [pullquote_right]When a man first meets you, he has no idea on what to expect from you.[/pullquote_right] Let’s dissect this whole inequality among Black and White women from Black men. I am not blind to the ways of our society and I hope that you aren’t either otherwise you are going to have a hard life.

For one, our society grooms African Americans from the day we are born to believe that White women are superior in all facets than women of color.

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