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She adds, "The thing with credit scores feels like a real solid data something they can evaluate on but what they’re not thinking is a lot of credit reports have errors in them.”Is there any kind of debt that millennials find acceptable?“I think student loan (debt) not a necessarily bad thing it shows you’ve put your money to good use,” says Justin.It includes the amount due, due date, and transactions occurred in this period.More than a quarter of young adults use the internet to find love.Plus, get Hilton Honors elite status automatically with your card.

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Daily says, “Millennials are interested in authenticity.”Daily says part of the reason is millennials have had a tough time finding a job after college.

The link between a credit score and romance has led to a dating site called

The site has you enter your credit score.“Seems to be on the honor system,” says Daily. There’s a lot of lying on the internet.”But the dating site says based on its algorithms and matches the credit score is 92% accurate.

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Card is issued and administered by Wells Fargo Bank, N. This credit card program is issued and administered by Wells Fargo Bank, N. American Express is a federally registered service mark of American Express.

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