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Daylight savings rules are subject to the whims of politicians (and many juristrictions followed the U. in time Qplus Software (v4 ),time Qplus v3 Biometric,time Qplus v3 Proximity,time Qplus v3 Software, TQ600B Biometric Terminals, TQ600BC Barcode Badge Terminals, TQ600F Face Verify Terminals, TQ600M Magnetic-Stripe Badge Terminals, TQ600P Proximity Badge Terminals The time Qplus software relies on your computer’s system clock to determine the time and date.On the other hand, if both happen that would explain the extra hour in certain circumstances.The frequency or day and time for the online clock sync is a possible major factor, since most probably have it reset weekly at most and probably on a default day at a default time.As it happens I was in the middle of making an online purchase when I realized that I should abort that and correct the time before proceeding. If so, did you boot into both sytems around the time of the clock change? My WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE was updated via windows update (manual update by me - I have AUTO update turned off) 2010-03-20 with a fix for daylight time issues. See the following link to Microsoft for a description of fix KB979306): Regards S-O I confess I am quite preoccupied (in spite of an unusual number of posts from me of late) BUT this topic is becoming very interesting indeed thanks to your replies. The default is Win 7 Ultimate N which, if you weren't aware of it, means that it is the European version of Windows on a computer here in North America.If so, set only one of them to update the clock, I've run into this problem in the past with older Windows systems when dual booting between OS's but am currently only running single OS systems and so can't test this idea. I applied a patch and added the missing software (IE and Media Player, I think) but there is the remote possibility that this is somehow tied to its being the European version. The other system, on a separate physical drive, boots into Vista, and it experienced no problem with the time change. I ask because Windows still differentiates between Eastern and Eastern (Indiana).In order for your time Qplus software to correctly update for Daylight Saving Time, your computer’s Windows operating system must be properly configured for DST.If you need assistance preparing your computer’s Windows operating system for Daylight Saving Time, Acroprint recommends following Microsoft’s guidelines.

Remote (unconnected) terminals must be manually adjusted for the DST change.

Microsoft Windows has long had the ability to set its date and time clock by synchronizing with a timekeeping server via the Internet.

This means that most users never have to worry about setting the date and time in Windows, or correcting the time after events like power outages or a switch to daylight-saving time.

But sometimes a user’s Windows clock can go awry and display the incorrect date or time, usually due to hardware issues, a temporary loss of Internet connectivity, or online synchronization problems.

If your Windows clock is wrong, but you’re currently able to connect to the Internet, you can easily set the correct time by re-synchronizing your PC with an online time server. Head to your Windows desktop and locate the clock on the far right side of the Taskbar (note that your clock may appear slightly different from the screenshots depending on your specific version of Windows and your Taskbar configuration settings).

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