Crystalens accomodating

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Leading Multi-Specialty Eye Care Lexington Eye Associates has the most advanced diagnostic tools available to help to determine whether or not a patient has glaucoma, to assess the type of glaucoma that is present, and also to monitor the disease over time.

Cutting-Edge Glaucoma Treatment We offer patients in Massachusetts the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

With the latest advances, having clear vision at only one distance is no longer the only option.

Presbyopic IOL technology can not only correct impaired distance vision, but also maintain the eye’s focusing power for reading and computer work.

As you age, your lens loses flexibility and becomes less accommodating.

Crystalens® has an excellent success rate of accommodating for near and far vision, literally giving many older patients the same visual acuity they had in their 20s.This is made possible by the IOL’s unique design structure, which allows the lens to move back and forth as it would during natural focusing of the eye.When viewing distant objects, the internal muscles of the eye remain in a relaxed state and maintain the lens in a position to provide perfect distance vision.As your lens hardens or becomes clouded with cataracts, your vision deteriorates, and will continue to deteriorate without medical intervention.Cataract extraction is the removal of the clouded crystalline lens.

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