Dating a guy with low self confidence

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The "no confidence" dead giveaway is his comment about not being good enough to date women at work ... you get the idea.] Your relationship would end, and your friendship would suffer ...clearly blanket statements like that indicate low self esteem on his part. You asked if he did you a favor by him turning you down for a date, and my answer is yes - he probably did do you a favor by turning you down ... so at least this way, you still have the friendship, right?

This man is clearly attracted to me and likes being around me, he has invited me out, and gone out with me on several occasions, and even invited me to spend time with him at his home alone.For example, they may be too afraid of being alone and/or they’re worried about what others might think if they end their relationship.However, if you’re obsessed with the opinions of others and fear being viewed as a failure, you’re actually failing your partner and yourself by staying in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately, if you’re struggling with low self-esteem, there are steps you can take right now that’ll not only benefit the relationship that you have with your partner, but the one that you have with yourself as well.This would explain why he dates the "easy women" who are beneath him socially.The fact that he cannot KEEP those easy women around means that even if he scores with one temporarily, his lack of self-confidence makes him a total turn-off in their eyes (and so they dump him).

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