Dating farmer

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My farm and my family land here means a lot to me, obviously, I decided to come back to it.

w=330" data-large-file=" w=800" / There’s a lot of romanticizing that happens around the idea of being a farmer — hell, enough so that betrothed couples across the country are banging down the barn door to get married on mist-laden agrarian dreamscapes.But I think that the older you get, the financial reality of everything starts to set in, and what becomes more important is your ability to make a living and support yourself.So if I can prove that I can do that through doing something really innovative like this, that would be great.Otherwise, I’m just another idealistic kid that thinks farming is cool.But at the same time I’m not, really, because I grew up in a family with a farming background, so I have a pragmatic outlook on a lot of this stuff.

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