Dating in a new city 16 dating 23

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In the past, it took me months to meet new people and build new relationships.I didn’t want to continue struggling with that when I moved.My biggest advice for you is to leverage the listening super-power all introverts possess, and use it to your advantage.Once I put myself in the right mindset to connect with others, I needed to get organized to keep track of every new connection.

Always follow-up with someone you want to establish a relationship with.

I was too worried about saying the right things than saying what was on my mind.

Once I got out of my own head and started engaging in what the person was trying to say, I found it a lot easier to connect with that person.

If you’ve always found the uncertainty of new friendships and relationships scary, then this post is for you.

I broke up this piece into three sections: Part 1 — Mindset: A big part of what makes meeting new people so hard for introverts is fear.

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