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The heads on two are flattened and expanded to one side, another is an inverted triangle and the fourth is slightly bulbous. Iron nails are intrinsically difficult to date out of context.

The date range proposed for this assemblage is possibly Roman, but may date into the Post Medieval period.

Due to the corrosive nature of Devon's acidic soils, an early date is unlikely (although not impossible) and a later Post Medieval date is more likely.

An assemblage of 4 iron nails of possible Roman to Post Medieval date.

Datenails were tagging devices utilized by railroads to visually identify the age of a railroad tie.

Different railroads used different sized nails with either alpha or numerical markings.

The nail is similar to Type 1A in WH Manning Catalogue of the Romano-British Iron Tools, Fittings and Weapons in the British Museum (1985). A very corroded iron nail with abraded sub-rectangular head plausibly of Roman date.

Datenail use has dropped dramatically since the mid-20th century and the advent of more modern maintenance of way equipment.

Ties are no longer marked in this manner in North American practice, and the nails themselves are now sought after by railroadiana collectors. Datenails are also found on utility poles, sometimes in conjunction with a nail showing the height of the pole in feet.

In 1900, Frederick and Harriett Pigott built "Persimmon Hill", their two-story, Victorian-style house [A] at Dola, WV.

The collection of cut nails that you see above were used in its construction.

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