Dating relationships on mental health

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‘When it comes to positive aspects of my mental illness and relationships, I suppose when I do open up to other people, it makes me feel like our relationships are a bit more authentic.

‘I was also really scared of admitting what was going on, because I was convinced that no one would want to date the ‘crazy girl’.

But of course, everyone deals with their mental illness in different ways – and every relationship when living with someone who has a mental illness is different too.

To get more of a varied outlook on how relationships can be affected by mental illness, we spoke to a variety of people fighting a series of different battles. ‘My mental health issues stem from an abusive childhood, so my relationships are affected massively by that trauma.

I was in denial, and therefore things took even longer to fix.

When I was finally diagnosed, I was put on a series of mood stabilisers and anti-psychotics, and now my bipolar disorder is under control.

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