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The greatest damage at any one point was at Tuscumbia, Ala-where several persons were killed and many were wounded ; it is thought that the property lof s will be about 0,000. New-England does not appear to have Buffered much, but a few disasters are reported along the coasi, and more may be expected.

Of course, intermediate points sustained some damage ; in Cumberland, West Va., one man was killed and a large building was destroyed ; in Philadelphia and vicinity the storm was also very severe. on the same day, Sutra, hail, and snow, accompanied the gale, the temperature varying in different localities ; the lowest thermometer was in the North-west, and it rose gradually aa the storm area approached the Atlantic and the Gulf, of Mexico.

State Governments ought no longer to be bolstered up by Federal power.

We protested against them at the time, and suffered for it For there was a period when the people who had lavished blood and treasure for the defense of the Union cared very little how the South wasgoverned. No man in the North can take a just pride in the infamous robberies committed by .' Moses and his gang in South Carolina, or in the imbecile misgovernment of Keixot.o and his supporters in Louisiana.

; Better to have made examples of the worst offenders than to punish an entire people. That mistakes were made in the reconstruction policy pursued by Congress after the war, we, as our readers know,' have never denied.

- Educational Problema." CUIBCH Or TUB HOLT TRT vr TT. Why the City's own suits shonld be allowed to slip out of sight while Mr.

Some months ago the City commenced suit for the recovery of interest-money presumed to be still at the City's credit in the Broadway Bank, as well aft for the recovery of a few millions paid out by that bank on warrants said 'to bear forged indorsements.

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