Erin brodie dating will kirby

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Jokerette: why the hell would anyone death threat you? Jokerette: Have you heard from Chicken George lately? Boogie: I took him to the BCS game in Phoenix..was a blast...don't have a bad word to say about him GREAT PERSON Jokerette: If there was one change you could make to BB, what would it be? Jokerette: yeah Jokerette: or production or casting or or or lol Boogie: more contests like the laser/car thing...maybe extend the backyard for more exciting competitions Jokerette: that was a killer contest wasn't it! What does Will mean when he stated that he will have a Chilltown RINGER on BB8? LOL Boogie: we have someone who has been training with us for 2 months..will be on the show and will rep Chilltown for sure Jokerette: omg that's excellent lol Will he wear a chilltown tee shirt?Boogie: no...stealth mode Jokerette: rofl and you'll tell us after?Boogie: nobody everyone thing surprised me Jokerette: Was there any extreme anxiety knowing that Will's future game play was balancing on your "Showmance Ability" with Erika, per Will's DR comment Boogie: no because I knew I had her all along..was worried cuz he likes to lay it on so thick...I didn't need to Lydia: Will said you drug him kicking and screaming into BB7 All Stars. Boogie: didn't drag him there but dragged him to stay..wanted to get his money and bounce after 1 week... Boogie: he felt like peeps would come after him but they really didn't Boogie: 1st 5 weeks hard then he was an animal Boogie: how did they not nominate us against each otehr Jokerette: Tony Claus asks: Mike your speech to the jury was it pre-planned or off the top of your head?Boogie: Danielle....luckily I kept her on my good side till we evicted her...she's sick at that game that's why I became close to her early..scared me the most Jokerette: lisalisa asks: who is your favorite reality show contestant [not will or himself or erin brodie] Boogie: good question...

" IE: would you have split the money if Janelle had stuck to the plan she and Will made up taking the three of you to final 3? And if you did, have another one Boogie: the party was if the fans voted me in (they didn't to no surprise of mine) but I had SEVERAL parties after the big win anyway Jokerette: JGuest642 asks: Live feed viewers never got to see the infamous "food fight" on the night of the half-way party. Boogie: she didn't know and by the time she did she was over it..was like 6 weeks later u gain perspective at that point Jokerette: Shelley asks: Boogie if you had been forced to use the "special power" who would you have put up on the block at that point in the game? Boogie: I have watched every one and the only thing that surprised me a bit was Jase..thinking we threw him under the bus Jokerette: he sure did Boogie: thought more would have Jokerette: lol you were THAT good Boogie: all stars were predictable Jokerette: i guess! Boogie: me2 Jokerette: gracie asks: What do you really think of Erin Brodie?

What's the most memorable or most disturbing way a woman has hit on you? If so Janelle or Kaysar would have won Jokerette: not even the veto thing? Everything fell into place at the right time Jokerette: bbfan asks: Hi Boogie, if you were on the All reality star Amazing Race, who would be your partner? Boogie: like that with cameras everywhere Jokerette: I bet. Boogie: I had slop in my ear for a month Jokerette: What do you consider to be your most entertaining moment in the BB7 house? Blamed it on Marcellas then laughed in the diary room. damn but y'all were devils great devils lol Boogie: THANK U!

Boogie: u name's hollywood and there's a million desperate girls trying to get a ahead Jokerette: any ones stick out for you? Boogie: and it's mostly cuz of BB and the me I know my place Boogie: I got a lot of death threats last time around Jokerette: you have to be kidding. Boogie: no excited cuz I knew I would win Jokerette: We heard from various HGs that BB was fixed to an extent. Jokerette: babybee asks: Boogie, you are a straight shooter and we always appreciate your frankness.

Boogie: I'm totally single but won't be in Memphis with Will..r going to be in Edmonton in April doing an appearance though Jokerette: how long will you be in edmonton? Boogie: 2 days..and out nobody gets hurt....maybe autographs and partying Jokerette: Elle511 asks: I've heard you don't speak to Erica now since the show, but do you think you might have been friends, or even dated, if neither of you had gone on allstars since you said you got along beforehand?

(waves to Boogie) Boogie: we definitely would have been friends and probably hooked up..of a shame Jokerette: JGuest0506 asks: Boogie, have you kept up the workout routine since coming out of the house?

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