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He takes off his own T-shirt, and waves it around, shouting, which irritates Ned and Maude, who are seated right behind him.Needing a break from Homer's antics, Maude goes to buy some hot dogs.Homer draws a target on his chest and finally gets the cheerleaders' attention.

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The family goes to the racetrack and are surprised to meet the Flanders family.

At Maude's funeral, Reverend Lovejoy eulogized her as follows: "In many ways, Maude Flanders was a supporting player in our lives.

She didn't grab our attention with memorable catchphrases, or comical accents.

It turns out that the attraction is mutual, and Rachel suggests that she and Ned get together after Kovenant gets back from touring with the Monsters of Christian Rock. My name's Ned Flanders, and I'm here every week -- rain or shine!

" This episode features the death of Maude Flanders - a character who has been a background character since the beginning of the shows history.

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