Garrett hedlund dating now

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Sunday strolls have always been underrated — I think everyone would agree. The only post-Dillon success story so far has probably been Michael B. Texas forever :( Landry dating Kirsten Dunst changes all of that. Great moment, great headline, great look for Sunday strolls. Riggins stays busy catching the karmic receipt of STEALING HIS PARALYZED BEST FRIEND’S GIRLFRIEND WHY WASN’T THIS A BIGGER DEAL I STILL DON’T GET IT. But the rest: They might be able to put together a reunion show if they wanted. They mumble, they blush, but they don’t actually tell you? But if they found out how Colin figured into all this, they’d flip.” The magazine’s questionable source adds, “She refuses to talk about it.

Dunst and Hedlund recently ended their four-year relationship, and now according to , Farrell played a major role in the breakup.

Despite the two lovebirds keeping their romance fairly low-key over the months, the two made their first appearance as an engaged couple this weekend at the 2017 Independent Spirit Awards.

While they seem excited about their new future together, they’ve remained relaxed about planning the wedding.

Court house, dinner party and DJ with friends and family,’ she said, ‘I’ll treat it like it would be my 40th birthday.’ The Fargo actress has previously dated Johnny Borrell and actor Jake Gyllenhaal, but admitted that her relationship with Garrett was much healthier.

‘I feel like we’re good at doing our own thing but also at coming together,’ she said.

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