Laws accomodating pregnancy in the workplace sports speed dating

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Among them: A woman who miscarried after her manager refused to excuse her from heavy lifting, and another who lost her unborn child after being forced to lift heavy merchandise at Wal-Mart despite the company’s agreement to put her on light duty.

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said one-fifth filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are related to pregnancy (more than 3,700 have been filed so far in 2013), and the number rose by 65 percent between 19, according to Think Progress.

The National Women’s Law Center has reported several cases that illustrate that pregnant employees aren’t being adequately protected.

With FMLA they legally cannot hold absences related to your FMLA reason against you in any way for attendance.

Your company needs to have t least 50 employees though to legally have to offer FMLA.

New York City joins a handful of states that have passed similar laws since 2000, including Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana and Texas, according to A Better Balance, a legal team that promotes workplace flexibility for U. The bill has yet to be heardby a congressional committee.

Nearly two-thirds of first-time mothers work while pregnant, and 90 percent of those stay on the job into their last two months of pregnancy, according to the Think Progress blog, which is part of the Center for American Progress.

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