Notifydatasetchanged not updating

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I know this has something to do with the orientation change, but I can't for the life of me figure out why.can anyone suggest an alternative method of handling threads with orientation changes?

If I remove()the last item and then add a new one, I won't see the new item, but insteadwhatever used to be the last item before I deleted it.In some parts of my activity, adding or removing list items using theadapter's add() and remove() methods works fine.In others, the viewdoesn't update itself, even I explicitly call notify Data Set Changed, which Ishouldn't have to (notification is turned on by default for new Array Adapters).But when it gets to this line: r_adapter.notify Data Set Changed(); Nothing happens.The odd thing is, if I do another submit and have it run the whole process again (without changing orientation), it actually updates the view twice, once for the previous submit and again for the next.

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