Persona 3 portable dating multiple girls

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Every Monday there's a sale at the place you buy weapons from. Always make sure you have a persona of the person you're s-linking with, otherwise it'll take ages past the first few levels to level them up.If you've watched the Endurance Run you know all the basics, especially since they made a most of the mechanics of the PSP version completely the same as in P4. Vinny and Jeff made their way through P4 just fine while doing a lot of dumb things.The game is split into two main sections: "Day" and "Dark Hour".During the "Day" sections, your main goal is to attend school and build up friendships with the people around you, known as "Social Links".If you hit the elemental weakness of an enemy, you knock it down and are immediately awarded an additional action.Furthermore, knocking down all the enemies in the group allows you to perform an "All-Out Attack", which hits every enemy for major damage.

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During this "hidden" hour of the day, Time Stands Still and normal humans are transmogrified into coffin-like objects, unaware of the world around them.

What are some good pointers one could lend to a n00b? So far what I've learned from the Endurance Run is that extra dungeon crawling is GOOD. In P3P your characters only get tired the next day, so you can actually do complete dungeons in one go and grind forever if you want.

To add: The tiredness is just about the only thing holding you back from doing just about all the dungeon crawling at once, as you can go back to the entrance of it all and pay to heal (and you will have a LOT of money).

The "Dark Hour" section is a dungeon-crawling RPG with random-generated dungeons and a turn-based battle system.

Your main goal is to advance up the floors of Tartarus, a mysterious Evil Tower of Ominousness that only appears during the Dark Hour and seems to hold the key to the mystery of the Shadows. ", a stripped-down version of the Press Turn system from .

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