Play simgirls dating simulator cheats

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Cash in the Sim Girls world allows you to take the girls on expensive dates and buy them more precious gifts.

The better the date and the gift, the more relationship points you gain with the girl.

When working as a drug dealer, you only have a 5% chance of getting caught (instead of a 15% chance for everyone else).

When working as a Tutor, your wage is decreased 20% Playful: Playful people are good with charm.

When training for strength you can get 15-19 strength each time.

Below the first few questions you will be asked and their effects on the game are explained.

If you do not choose the options this walkthrough asks for, you will not have the same game play as everyone else.

If you are playing the Newgrounds version dont worry about it.

Before reading this guide, keep in mind that the walkthrough contained here is not the only way to do things.

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