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"She never played like other children and was always saying her chest hurt." After seeing a doctor when the complaints increased, Harris says her lungs were "scarred like she'd been smoking since the time she was born" and her breaths "hummed like a harmonica." The family has adapted to Ashley's asthma attacks, which come on like "an acute heart attack." She's got a peak flow meter at home to measure her lung capacity, and a nebulizer that Ashley feels aggravates the problem, but uses it because the doctors tell her to.The financial burden of hundreds of dollars spent on inhalers in the early years has fortunately been eased by Medicaid, and she's been hospitalized only twice this year.

"I remember her having a hard time sucking from a bottle as a baby," says her mother, Wanda Harris, assistant director of food services at Crisis Ministries downtown.Recent studies demonstrate that 35 micrograms per cubic meter is still not stringent enough to protect human health. have increased 450 percent since 1980, nearing 30 million cases today, with children and low-income families (more likely to live near freeways and industrial zones) being the most susceptible.A nine-year analysis of 65,000 initially healthy women found that higher particulate counts in urban areas corresponded to higher death rates (New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. The particle concentrations in the study ranged from 3.4 to 28.3 micrograms per cubic meter (remember Charleston's at least 28), and each 10 microgram rise corresponded to a 76 percent increase in the chance of dying from a cardiovascular cause. It's the leading cause of hospitalization for children in our state.But cold is a trigger, and Ashley says she can feel it getting worse."My chest starts to get tight, and I start aching really bad and get cold," she describes.

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