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I have never been a member of But, I have received several emails on my Facebook account from people I don't personally know, telling me that someone else is using my photos and name on this $#*! I hope they will close this FAKE page made in my name, using my photos soon. Please be aware and report this page if you have an account on I don't have an account and the only way I can report it is to open a ticket and hopefully they will get the page down! ed down by different types of men half of them they barley even know and half of these females be married or in a relationship or have a ton of kids. Oh and one more thing, tagged should renamed MEET EBONY PEOPLE. This is the web page I was send by this nice man who googled my photos and found out this was a scam. uid=5998998247 I am happily married and never ever had any profiles on dating sites... If you watch porn you will even find some of these women being $#*! They want to milk every little dime out of for all you're worth.lets people make way more than one account, a lot of these people use these fake accounts to help their main account in pets game, where you buy and sell people's pictures, either with real money or in game coins you earn when you make a profit in the pets game.It is all a popularity contest is all what pets game is.I ended up meeting a guy from my home town on the site.We talked, he seemed decent and we had a mutual friend in common. He purposely ran late, and ended up trying to lure me out to a secluded beach area late at night.Then there are a lot of people who play the pet game 24/7.

Then you go their page and they have this huge list of demands that they want in a man yet all they're offering is used vagina and some other guy's kids.An unsung skill of the social networking age is the ability to pick a good profile picture, whether for Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Tinder.It’s no trivial matter: people make up their minds about another...Say you buy a picture no one owns, then someone buys it off you and you buy it back.Then a lot will send you a message screaming at you, swearing, calling you names and say something like don't ever buy from me again, when it was a picture you bought first before they bought it so you buy it back and block them so they can't contact you.

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