Updating filezilla Chennaisex chat room

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I also tried renaming the file, deleting it from the ftp and uploading again, uploading it to another folder and then moving it to the root, but nothing happens. The Get Deb repository now is maintaining the latest File Zilla client to make it easy to install and upgrade File Zilla in Ubuntu 16.04.In version 3.10, File Zilla forces TLS encryption on plain FTP connections.This applies both to new sites you create in the Site Manager, as well as any sites you have previously configured.Any help much appreciated as it's driving me insane!Love Filezilla and first time have experienced any probs in years of use.

I have tried to update a CSS file (previously had file type set to Auto but also tried with ASCII, per a suggestion elsewhere) and it just won't update!

)thanks for any help, Harry I'm having the same difficulty. Every event in each season for the last 10 years is detailed & archived, as well a much of the history of the last 75 years the program has been in existence.

Each year new pages are added for the Schedule, Roster, Results for high school and jr hi.

File Zilla FTP Client is available in Ubuntu universe repositories, but Canonical does not provide updates for the application.

You have to manually install / upgrade the client as a new version is released.

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