Vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard

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I can switch to the console with Alt Ctrl F2, when I switch back with Alt Ctrl F7 I get a black screen with the mouse cursor. It loads and my background loads but the Gnome panels never launch. My laptop has an Nvidia Ge Force Go 7400 which supports 3D acceleration, and the current Nvidia driver is in use. Will just turn around and come back to my laptop, (Dell 1420N - Intel Graphics) and the UI will be frozen - clock is froze, mouse moves, and I can switch to a console but I haven't been able to kill the session to get back on, other than by rebooting from the command line.I'll be happy to collect some debugging info from the command line next time it happens if I get instructions..Cursor movement still works, but the entire desktop is completely unresponsive.As far as I can tell, window output still works (I think my IRC client is updating), and the machine still accepts ssh, but that's about it.Windows are repainted if I minimize all and maximizing all again. ( just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 and I'm getting the same problem.Unity loads and I can move the mouse but nothing responds to mouse clicks or the keyboard.Also keyboard commands not work is not entirely accurate, Tab, Enter, and the arrow keys still function.I see this as well, it occurs anywhere from every half hour to every three or four hours.

Killing gnome-session from the console fixes the problem, but then I lose all unsaved data from the apps. I think the comments on this bug are a mix of different cases, all resulting in graphics hanging.I'll try the "compiz --replace" fix next time, and post an update here.Hi, 'compiz --replace' didn't work (no display), so I had to kill -9 gnome-session also this time.The last messages I always find in syslog, after Ctrl Alt F1-ing to a console, are: May 16 adaca-PSL4BE-2 acpid: client 29751[0:0] has disconnected May 16 adaca-PSL4BE-2 acpid: client connected from 29751[0:0] May 16 adaca-PSL4BE-2 acpid: 1 client rule loaded The 29751 process is X.Usually, at this point I follow the PID chain until the gnome-session, and kill it; going back to the UI with Ctrl Alt F8 gets me the login form, I can then login but my previously opened windows are gone.

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