Who is serena dating in season 5

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Dan writes a book about the Upper East Side, ineffectively disguising Serena as ‘Sabrina’. This threatens Serena’s blossoming career and she readies herself for battle. A shallow girl on the UES who parties hard and sleeps around. Of course, Serena and her goldie-locks gets the ultimate revenge when she sabotages plans for him to have his book made into a film. Thus the entire reason their lives were in a constant state of flux, drama and scandal. to figure out their love, their differences and everything in between (including a half-brother).Serena finally notices Dan, amid his untucked school shirt and awkward stuttering. And then it seems the entire universe or at least the Upper East Side, is against them.Dan and Serena are not just lovers who can’t seem to make it work, but they’re potential step-brother and sister. And as if it can’t get more messed up than that, they discover that they have a half-brother! Dan and Serena go to great lengths to ensure the other is suffering in their absence, or they’re being manipulated back into their arms. But that’s not the reason we don’t think Dan and Serena should have ended up together. So here’s four times Dan and Serena sabotage each other and prove once and for all, they shouldn’t be together in the end. The only thing she posts for weeks is Blair’s escape to Brooklyn when she’s trying to pick between Chuck or Louis, where she goes to Dan after Serena says its all GG fault C&B were in the accident: “it’s not like I’m trying to defend her, but GG didn’t hop in a motorcycle and chase them down Manhattan.” -Dan.

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They break up and get back together more times than a relationship.

First it’s just high school shenanigans – like Serena being jealous of Dan and Vanessa’s relationship.

Serena gets “gossip girl’s real phone number” from Diana, and when Lola puts it into her phone GPS (this must be a magical UES thing) it says its at the party Dan follows B & C to.

Also a perfect time for him to steal the computer back.

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