Women lookong to facetime

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You’re in a foreign place and it’s normal to have one or two-hundred major meltdowns for various reasons. Go volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter or buy cheap dog toys and donate them. Plus, you’d be surprised by how useful it can be to be a cultural know-it-all! If you push yourself out and on you’ll improve hugely. I am obviously not a doctor or any kind of professional.

One minute life is a paradise and you find yourself drinking cheap wine in a vineyard, tasting olive oil in an olive grove, laughing to yourself as old men wave to you in the street.

New friends, new city, new apartment, new coffee maker. And there will be days when you don’t even recognize yourself anymore. You’d be surprised by how relieving it can be to follow someone in a supermarket whispering, “I’ve just spotted a middle-aged Italian woman buying what seems to be some kind of bread. She’s purchased the salami with tiny, round metal objects and paper squares.

That was the hardest for me because I liked myself before I moved to Italy, dammit. How to help alleviate that sinking black feeling, that rapid heartbeat, or that strange new fear of going outside? On days that are really bad just try to focus on one positive thing. Or in my case, I combatted my depression with goals and activities. ), I wrote a book and a screenplay, I also learned how to Flamenco on You Tube. She’s making her way towards what appears to be salami!

I’ll never forget the first time I had a total mental breakdown.

I was at one of my husbands’ friends’ home and everyone was joking around and laughing but I couldn’t understand why any of their jokes were funny. I was sitting at a merry table, while everyone was having the time of their life and I was totally bored out of my mind trying my hardest to relate to anyone on even the most basic level. ” These are intelligent, hard-working, totally amazing, for everyone at one point or another whether or not you speak the language.

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